Dr.Marc Kealey(加拿大)– A lead voice for public policy,management, and public sector governance in Canada.


日期:2022/10/28   IA

With over 30 years- experience, Marc Kealey is a lead voice for public policy,management, and public sector governance in Canada. He is the Principal of K&A Inc, a project management, public policy, and advocacy firm with expertise in energy, healthcare, critical infrastructure, and gaming. The firm works closely with private and public sectors on regulatory matters, public acceptance, management, and governance. He was the original founder of the firm in 2007.

Kealey is an expert in management, governance, human relations, advocacy,communications, and policy development. His expertise has been honed from years of practical experience in politics, business, public policy, and public sector governance. At K&A he has been intimately involved in some of the toughest public policy issues like cross-border re-importation of drugs, decriminalization of cannabis, vape regulations, charity gaming legislation, and a re-shift of the energy systems in several provinces.Prior to founding K&A, Marc Kealey was CEO of the Ontario Pharmacists’Association from 2003 to 2007– the largest professional pharmacy organization in Canada. During his tenure, he steered the organization through the toughest issues of the day including the Transparent Drug System for Patients Act and cross border drug trade. He lectures worldwide on prescription drug reform to this day.Marc was appointed General Manager of AECL, Canada’s nuclear trust, in 1999.

At a recent event in Mississauga South, discussing policy issues with Federal MP Justin Trudeau.- Marc Kealey  November 4th, 2010

In his role, he worked in Europe, Asia, and North America. A highlight was when he accompanied PM Chretien to China in 2003 to open CANDU reactors there and oversaw the development of reactors in Romania, Korea, and across Canada. He helped increase public acceptance for nuclear through a strategic and thoughtful program of education and awareness.

He continues to provide advice to the nuclear energy sector and is often called upon to advise governments and corporations in the sector. He was a hospital administrator from 1990 to 1999 and led the Durham Region hospital sector’s multi-million dollar restructuring campaign – the largest undertaking of its kind in Canada at the time. In his role at Whitby General, he helped establish the first multi-hospital system in Canada - Lakeridge Health. In 1984, he began his career as an Advisor to former Prime Minister of Canada the Rt. Hon. John N. Turner where he was active on political and policy files in the energy and health sectors.

He and Mr. Turner remain friends and close associates. Marc is dedicated to public service and is involved in many organizations and causes. He served on the Boards of McMaster University and the Smart System For Health Agency in Ontario. He currently sits on the Board of Advisors to University of Waterloo’s Pharmacy School, is a Board member of a privately held organization and a publicly-traded company. He is also a founding member of Jamaica Canada Disaster Relief and Resilience Initiative and the Canada India Foundation. In 2014, he received a Knighthood of the Order of France.

He is well-traveled internationally and lectures frequently on governance, infrastructure, and public policy. He can be heard on Satellite Radio on a regular basis on health and energy issues and is a frequent commentator on issues political. In 2005, he was invited with former Prime Minister John Turner to Ukraine to oversee the elections in that country’s move to democracy. Marc attended Kent State University in Ohio and is a graduate of the University of Waterloo where he excelled as an athlete and member of student government.

Canada India Foundation meeting with Justin Trudeau  

In my role as a Board member of the Canada India Foundation, we’re meeting with several prominent MPs in government and Opposition. One of our first private meetings was with Justin Trudeau MP and Leader of the Liberal Party to discuss our aspirations for Indo Canadian collaboration.